Online Services

Online Services
Below are links to keep you connected to Temple during this time.

Please note: Our Friday Shabbat Service will now begin at 6:00 PM, starting on July 3. ONEG will begin at 7:15 PM.

Since we have switched over to YouTube Live for our Friday night services, some of you have missed the social interaction we had with the chat function on Zoom and Facebook Live. We have good news… You can chat on YouTube Live also! All you need is a Google account. If you have one, log into YouTube using the same login info you use for your Google account and then you will be able to chat with the other congregants during services. If you don’t have a Google account and need help creating one or if you are having any issues logging into the YouTube channel or into any Zoom meetings for TBO, you can contact Bonnie Rosenthal or David Fields for help. For additional instructions, please click here.

We want to make sure everyone has access to all of the online services Temple B’nai Or is offering. We want everyone to feel connected in these unprecedented times.

Friday Night Services, 7:15 PM:
To view on YouTube – Click here

Friday Night Oneg, 8:15 PM:
To join on Zoom, click here

Bagels and Torah, Saturdays, 9:00 AM:
To join on Zoom – click here

Support Group for These Strange Times with Therapist Gail Lalk and Rabbi Satz, Thursdays, 10:00 AM
To join on Zoom, click here

Hebrew with Cantor, Thursdays, 1:00 PM:
To join on Zoom, click here

Men’s Schmooze:
Class is postponed until further notice.