• Melton Foundations of Jewish Family Living with Cantor Dadoun-Cohen
  • Learning Hebrew with Cantor Dadoun-Cohen


Life-Long Learning provides meaningful Jewish learning and enriching experiences that help develop bonds and connections for the adult members of Temple B’nai Or.

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The Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning

Melton Foundations of Jewish Family Living provides parents of all ages, in a small group setting, the opportunity to delve deeply into Jewish values and to learn how to share these values with their children of all ages.

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Join Rabbi Michael Satz on Shabbat Mornings from 9-10am for BAGELS & TORAH. Lively discussion of the weekly HafTarah. A Year With The Prophets! In-person and/or via Zoom (watch our weekly Chai-Lights for updates). Click here to register.

Join our intimate group to study Hebrew at an accessible pace and to analyze concepts of the language.  We warmly welcome new learners. New members study with current members to help accelerate their learning and to become part of our community. Email Cantor Galit if interested.

Explore your spiritual journeys in a thoughtful, supportive environment. TBO Spirituality Workshop is a lay-led exploration and discussion of our personal experiences of spirituality in an inclusive and accepting environment. TBO Spirituality Workshops are conducted (currently on Zoom) the first Monday of each month at 7:00 pm. All are welcome to join, participate, and lead! For more information or to volunteer to lead a session, please email 

Upcoming Spirituality Workshops

2/7/22:  DAve will discuss the Middot Responsibility:  אחריות – Achrayut
3/7/22:  Phyllys will cover part 2 of Equanimity: מנוחת הנפש – Menuchat Ha’Nefesh:  Cultivating equanimity through “Jewish Meditation” 

Recent Spirituality Workshops

4/5/21:  The Spirituality of Final Preparations, Alise Ford
5/3/21:  Spirituality in Healing, Amy Buchsbaum  
6/7/21:  Impressions on the Civil Rights Trail, Laurie Spiegel

Current and Recent Life-Long Learning programs at Temple B’nai Or