Frances and Herbert Brody Pre-School of Temple B’nai Or

The Pre-School is a proud partner of The Morris School District, providing both private (Judaic) and Public (non-faith based) pre-school programs for our students.  We welcome the opportunity to bring our warm, caring and exemplary education to more students within our community. For more information on the Morris School District Public Pre-School Expansion and to register for that program, please click here

The Frances and Herbert Brody Pre-School of Temple B’nai Or offers creative, modern learning in a warm, nurturing environment. Our developmentally, appropriate programs are available for children 2 years through 5 years (Pre-Kindergarten). We also offer programs for children accompanied by a parent who are 12 months to 24 months. Temple B’nai Or Pre-School is a state licensed school that has been in existence since 1966. Our certified and experienced staff provide age appropriate programming to ensure every child receives an exceptional education.

Our program is developmentally appropriate, which means that the development of your child is our main priority.  Focusing on the emerging abilities and awareness of each age group, we have tailored our curriculum to include activities which foster cognitive, sensory, gross motor, and fine motor skill growth. Our goal is to provide diverse activities that engage each child’s learning style ultimately resulting in Kindergarten readiness. Communication with our families is essential. Weekly classroom e-blasts are sent to families. Calendars with themes and skill development are sent home to parents to encourage discussion, and to reinforce the learning that has occurred at school. Midyear conferences are held to discuss growth and observations. Parent participation is welcomed and encouraged.

We continually provide the opportunity for family learning and community sharing. Social skills and life skills are integrated into our daily routine. Learning through play allows for lessons in empowerment, respect, consideration, and acceptance.  For all of our students, teaching about  values reinforces the lessons of responsibility, charity, and kindness. For our private students, teaching about  Jewish holidays teach history, culture, and tradition. Ensuring that each child is in a secure, nurturing environment is our number one priority.

Security key access, a fenced in large play area, entry way camera, in addition to stringent policies and procedures provide a safeguard for our school.  Small class sizes, below minimum ratios, competent staffing, and continued education create an optimum classroom dynamic.  Center based, and traditional teaching strategies allow for experiential learning along with reading readiness, listening skills, and sensory integration. Our outdoor learning space brings the children the opportunity to experience nature in a whole new way. Using nature as the canvas, our children learn how things grow, experience lessons about the environment, and gain insight into caring for our world.

Our school has been the proud recipient of Scholastic’s “Top Educators” award, The National Science Teacher Foundation “Outstanding Science Curriculum for Early Childhood Pre-K – Grade 2”,  and the Preschool Advantage “Golden Acorn Award for Quality Early Learning Program”. Our school has been recognized, and serves as model for the NJ State Office of Licensing, for our outdoor learning space.

Temple B’nai Or Pre-School is non-sectarian. Children of all faiths are welcome. We are a NUT FREE/ALLERGY FRIENDLY environment. Diapers do not prevent children from participating in our programs.

The Frances and Herbert Brody Preschool at Temple B’nai Or is thrilled to have a partnership with Music Together® In School! 

All children in Temple B’nai Or’s public and private preschool classes will be receiving music time in their classrooms. Each week, our Music Together specialist, Miss (Morah) Jessica, will share the Music Together In School curriculum. As part of this curriculum, Morah Jessica teaches weekly music and movement classes in early learning settings in cooperation with classroom teachers. Classroom teachers then follow through on the weekly sessions, adapting activities to their curriculum needs and interests. Recordings, songbooks, and teaching materials are provided to each classroom and family. Children “bring the music home” for parent-child music play, sharing the songs and activities learned in school. Your child will be exposed to music from all over the world as they sing, dance, and play together.

Be on the lookout for information sent home each week pertaining to a specific song or activity your preschooler will experience in their classroom. In addition, you will receive a special Download Code to put into Music Together’s Family Music Zone online and the free Hello Everybody app, available on the app store for your mobile device. Instructions will be sent through your child’s teacher. Check our TBO Preschool Facebook page for updates as well. Your child will use the songbook in the classroom and then bring the book home to share with you.

Experience music, laughter, and learning through your child’s eyes. We look forward to sharing the children’s growth and excitement with you as the year unfolds.

If you care for children who are younger than preschool age, Temple B’nai Or offers wonderful Music Together® Sing Shalom classes for Babies (birth to 9 months) and for Mixed Ages (birth to 5 years). See more information here.



We are a proud PJ Library partner. For Info on PJ Library click here